Here are 5 ways you can spruce up your summer social event!

Whether you’re planning a fancy fundraiser, a swanky social gathering, or an intimate networking event, the summer seems to be the best season for socializing. With calendars filling up quickly, now is the time to start planning – and figuring out how you can make your summer social stand out against the rest!

To help you get started, here are 5 super simple summer party ideas for adults that will impress your guests:

1. Pick the perfect party theme
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Picking a theme for your party or corporate event is a great way to find direction for your decor, and even your entertainment. This post by cvent’s socialtables, offers up some great party theme ideas that are cool without being tacky.
2. Get creative with your culinary offerings
Mobile Bar Rental Service - Sip Social Co
Mix sweet and savoury when selecting snack options, and create a setup that’s not only pleasing to the eye, but tasty too! For drinks, consider creating cute custom cocktails that will really wow your guests! If you really want to take it to the next level, consider adding the Sip Social Co. mobile bar cart, with 7 taps on hand to serve a variety of boozy or non-alcoholic drinks.
3. Add entertainment to keep guests engaged
Mobile Bar Rental Service - Sip Social Co
It’s not enough to offer food and drinks and hope your guests will mingle throughout your party or event, guests like to be entertained too! Whether you hire a live performer, or bring in some engaging elements to encourage guests to get to know each other, adding entertainment to your event will definitely make it more memorable.
Consider accomplishing both tasks at once and including an interactive element to your event, like the photogenic Sip Social Co. mobile bar cart so guests are encouraged to drink and interact with each other, while snapping photos in front of the bar cart for the ultimate memories
4. Encourage your guests to get social online, too
Add a social media hashtag to your party, so guests can share their photos online as well! Not only will this make it easier for them to show off their favourite photos with the Sip Social Co. mobile bar cart, but it will create FOMO for those guests who weren’t able to attend in person.
5. Keep it swanky with a stylish swag bag
Mobile Bar Rental Service - Sip Social Co
Take-home gifts aren’t just for galas and children’s birthday parties! Guests of all ages love getting gifts, so why not add a special keepsake for them to take home? Throwing an outdoor garden party? Why not give guests a mini bouquet of flowers to take home? Hosting a golf tournament? Consider creating a custom set of golf balls for each guest.
Interested in adding Sip’s mobile bar cart rental to your summer social? Contact us today to learn more.
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