There are many decisions that go into planning and hosting any type of event. Wedding planners and event coordinators contend with long to-do lists and know that the most minute decision can make or break the success of an event - big or small.

Mobile Bar Rental Service - Sip Social Co

Choosing the right mobile bar rental service for an event is crucial for ensuring a seamless experience for attendees and guests. There are a number of factors to consider when vetting potential mobile bar vendors.

Reputation and Experience:

Companies who have been around longer than those currently jumping the trend will have more experience with contingencies and likely offer a greater swath of services. They will also have accumulated partnerships with trusted brands as well as having accrued positive reviews, testimonials, and a solid track record. A reputable and experienced mobile bar service is more likely to deliver a professional and high-quality experience.


Consider the range of services offered by the mobile bar rental provider. Are the drink menus customizable and can the drinks be tailored to any specific requirements? Is the company able to accommodate the size and type of event being planned? High levels of customization and flexibility within their services is key to an event to satisfy the broadest range of tastes and guests.


Evaluate the design and aesthetics of the mobile bar setups offered by the different services. A provider that offers a range of styles and setups is more easily able to align with the theme or ambiance hosts want to create for their event.


Verify that the company holds the necessary licenses and permits to operate at an event. These regulations vary from city to city and country to country – larger companies are more easily able to handle local regulations regarding alcohol service and any unforeseen incidents.

Pricing and Packages:

Upfront and transparent pricing information makes it easy to compare packages offered by different companies. Value for money, quality of service, drinks options, personalizations, time at an event and more make sure that the company aligns with any event budget.

Communication and Responsiveness:

The level of communication and responsiveness from a company during the initial inquiry stage is something to take into consideration. Constant communication during the organization phase of an event is a key harbinger of organization, promptness, and ultimately event success. This also allows for clear communication when it comes to decisions about drinks and preferences, giving the host the chance to assess both professionalism and knowledge.
Sip Social Co.Sip Social Co. offer services that are completely customizable, from the drink menu to the signage. No matter the type of event being planned, Sip Social Co. can help make the celebration one to remember. The company is growing with new locations opening across the US and Canada as well as partnerships with the largest names in the industry. The company is comprised of a team of seasoned industry veterans that love to innovate and are passionate about making each and every event memorable.
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