adding a mobile bar cart to your business is a great way to attract and retain customers and improve audience interaction and engagement

Mobile Bar Rental Service - Sip Social Co

Whether you are an established business owner or you only recently opened up your own business, retaining and building your customer base can be one of the most challenging aspects of running a business. Even if you don’t have competition locally, your consumers can research similar products and businesses in seconds through the internet and can make their purchases online.

E-commerce is the fastest growing sector of the retail world and according to E-Marketer, sales are estimated to reach $4 trillion by 2020. The cryptocurrency Bitcoin has recently surged to record breaking prices which means one this is for certain; there is a definite shift towards doing business online.

Create An Experience

With the convenience and ease that comes along with shopping online, it now takes a little more effort as a business owner to convince customers that your in-person service is more appealing than an online service.

Although there is a major shift towards e-commerce, brick and mortar business owners can compete with online retailers by providing customers with experiences that are impossible to duplicate online. Major department stores will often add a bar or restaurant, while retailers with smaller stores could add a coffee bar or simply differentiate themselves with helpful, knowledgeable staff. In the past few years we’ve seen more and more businesses create customer experiences that not only improve the customers time in the store but also help build the store’s brand. Adding Sip Social Co’s mobile bar cart to a business is a fun way to improve a shopper’s experience in-store while photos taken from the event attract customers and increase audience interaction and engagement.

Mobile Bar Carts are a great branding opportunity too. Did you know that you can fully wrap our vehicles with your business name and logo. After a photo is taken, users send their photos to their social media or email and the images go viral!

Whatever your business goals may be, there is a Sip Social Co. location near you that will help you achieve them. With your branding and our state-of-the-art technology mobile bar cart technology, we are certain that it will be an unforgettable experience!
No matter if it’s a single day branding event, or a multi-city, multi-day event, Sip Social Co. can help make your event one to remember. Contact us today to learn more.

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