Find out why we think spring is the best season to start your new event business.

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When is comes to launching a new business, it can be easy to get bogged down by the timing of it all.

Winter is a busy season, with the hustle of the holidays, year-end budgets already allocated, and the wrap-up of a busy year for businesses in all industries. Summer can be a challenge as well, with many people taking time off to enjoy the warm weather, and events already planned for the season. And in the fall months, people are often in the thick of event planning – especially in the corporate world.

But spring, spring is a season suited for fresh starts. It’s the perfect season to start something new.

Here are just some of the reasons why you should plan on a spring launch for your new event business:

1) Spring is the season for planning.

As soon as spring arrives, people begin cleaning, planning, and re-evaluating. If you’re in the event industry, this is the best time to present your offerings to your potential clientele. As people begin planning their weddings, booking corporate events, and looking for new ways to grow their own business offerings, they’ll be searching for florists, photographers, caterers, and event entertainment options. Putting your business in the spotlight during the spring months will get you noticed, and help you book those events while people are looking for services like yours.

2) Get a head start on the busy season.

When you work in the event industry, there’s usually a spike in events in the summer and winter months, thanks to a surge in weddings and holiday events. Setting up in the spring allows you to book those events in advance, and get set up and settled before the rush begins.

3) Spring is the season for trade shows and conventions.

Just as businesses are choosing the spring months to refresh their offerings, many are also using this season to expand their reach and gain new customers. Thanks to spring being a shoulder season for many business travel destinations, it’s the perfect timing for trade shows and conventions. Whether you choose to attend these events yourself to showcase your business in an industry-related setting, or you want to tap into the opportunities that come with working with businesses who are looking for new event ideas and trade show booth options, the opportunities are aplenty!

Whether your event business is business-to-business (B2B), or business-to-consumer (B2C), it’s important to consider the timing of your launch. Choosing a time of year that represents opportunity, growth, and new beginnings will help your new venture to flourish, just like the flowers of the season!

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